Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Welcome Sweet Baby!


Better late then never! Getting back into the blogging world- my journal for my cute family! We had a sweet little boy join our family in January!  

Hudson Douglas Morales
January 27, 2015 @ 2:44 P.M.
8lbs 2oz. , 19 inches 


I was suppose to be induced on the 28th but hoped I would into labor on my own. On January 26th I woke up to contractions in the middle of the night. I kept telling myself it was probably false labor. I tried to go back to sleep and the contractions kept coming on and so I started to time them. Sure enough it was go time. I got everyone ready and we met my parents at the hospital to take Landen and Dawson.  The nurses monitored me for a little bit and then admitted me to the hospital.  

I tried to get some rest- I'm not a napper and so it was hard-

After a few hours of waiting and  it was "go time!"

The Dr. getting all ready!

 He made his debut at 2:44 P.M. 
We were smitten!! Nothing like holding your baby in your arms!
The neatest experience in life!

It was RSV season so at that time my boys couldn't come to the hospital. 
I was so sad and anxious for them to meet there new little brother. So we faced time them!

-Nursery Time-

We had lots of visitors: (I'm sad we only got a few pictures with a few of you)
 My parents

Daddy and Grandpa Ray

Aunt Char- (My photographer and captured this birth story)

Aunt Chae

Great-Grandma Nelda

Great Grandma Cook

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Family pictures...2011

We had my sister CharLee take some picture of us for our Christmas Card last year... Here are some of my Favorites..

Christmas posted in April..

Santa Came

Loved the bag....

We had a great Christmas! I love that time of year sending time with family! My Camera didn't work very well, sorry for the fuzzy pictures. Underneath the Tree was a new camera.. Wish I would have opened that up first.  This year was the First year we had Christmas Morning at our own house. ( My 1st as well in my life..) It was nice though to not have too bring "EVERYTHING" over to my parents.. but we spent the day with  them after. Anyway... Love Christmas!! It makes me sad how fast it is all over... Enjoy!

Island Park part 2

Landen with his sling shot.

Ray fishing.

These 2 pictures make me laugh.

Being goofy... He looks so mean!

Landen proud of the catch...

All the boys checking out the fish.

WE are Alive... Island Park part 1

Looking out for Bears!

Daws with the Billy Goat..

The animals are so tame you can go right up to them and pet them. ( besides the bears of course)

Feeding them.

Dawson and I on the train.. haha

Loved this picture of the baby Elk.
I am so behind with this blog.. I have pictures from forever ago. Looking at them Landen has shoes that don't even fit him now that I about to post. We went to Island Park with the Dunn Family ages ago (last fall). We did allot of fun things: Bear world, Yellow Stone, boys went fishing,etc,... It was allot of fun!